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Monday 1 December 2008

Adelaide Bloggers Christmas Get-Together

This is my 3rd time to attend the Adelaide Blogger's Meet-up. Although there is not always enough time to chat with each other, I feel that we are getting more comfortable and look forward in doing interesting stuff in the months to come.

If I'm not mistaken, this is the first time that we actually have a sponsor for the meet-up, Kirrihill Wines, who brought a nice selection of wines. I was able to try the two variants and they were just beautiful. If I didn't had to take a bus home, would have surely tried more. Also found out that this particular wine biggest market overseas is in Norway.

Nevertheless, I asked Matt McCulloch about the possibility, if they are interested, of having bloggers come over to their winery, have a tour, discuss and blog about the experience. He seems to be ok with the idea so we'll see how will that go.

I brought a few copies of my Blogging from Home book during the said affair. It is my first time to reach out and promote my book in Australia. It will be interesting to know their thoughts in the weeks to come about it.

Great thanks to Shai and Jim for organizing this beautiful get-together. I missed interacting with Jen at the affair. I should do better next time.

Special thanks also to Geoffrey Kwitko for this beautiful video he made celebrating the folks he met in the past two months.

Will update this post as I get to see more blog post about what happened at the affair. For the meantime, will work on my Busby SEO Test. Cheers!
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