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Monday 29 December 2008

Link Exhange Network - Invitation

I just started this program in my website readers social network. This was also inspired with my experience in the Busby SEO Test competition and have received inquiries if I can help out other bloggers too in spreading links about their blog or website. As my number of contacts in Australia is increasing as well, I thought of extending it here. Happy New Year!
"When you have a new site, one important requirement is to get it ranked on search engines. There are many steps involve to get that done but one of them is through getting your website / blog name or keyword / keyphrase and url link placed in others that are real, rather than spam. Normally, you will also need to pay a sum for that.

However, for those of you who don't have that much resource to spare and have your own blog or website inventory on hand, you are invited to join our small link exchange network.

To participate, here is the process:
  1. Fill-up the form and indicate the following:
    - anchor text: (this is the title or keyword/phrase of your site)
    - URL: (website or blog address)

  2. Number of placements: (number of blogs or websites where you want the link to be placed)

  3. Your blogs and websites: (web address where you can place links in return for others. They must be updated in the last 30 days.)
    - Putting the exchanged links at the sidebar (sitewide) will also get you the same exposure.
    - Putting them in a specific page will also merit you the same exposure.
    - In the end, what you give is what you get.
Upon receipt, here's what will happen:
  1. I will send you an email with the links for posting at your site.

  2. Upon confirmation of placement, you will receive an e-mail stating where your ads were placed.

  3. If you need 6 placements but only have 3 websites/blogs, we will send you an equivalent number of placement in order for the 6 to be carried out.
At the moment, I will have discretion on where the ads shall be placed until a formal structure is set-up.

  1. Note that all link exchange agreements are good for no more than 90 days only. We will send you a replacement link prior to the end of the 90 days to sustain your current placements. It is possible that your placement will also be transferred to other sites thereafter or when the blog/website participant backs out from the program or becomes unqualified to participate (e.g. cancellation, removal, blacklist).

  2. Those who will remove the link prior to the end date agreement shall be removed and blacklisted.
Thank you."
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