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Saturday 27 December 2008

Address Plaques & Whitehall Mailboxes

We just got word that we won't be moving anytime soon as the house we live in today doesn't have a buyer yet. However, what we have now is a flexible leasing contract instead of fix date term. It is funny though that our mailboxes are full lately as we still get letters meant for previous renters at our place.

I wonder how soon do we need to have a plan in handling our mailbox posts so that this can be manageable. Ideas are needed as the volume of mails I've been getting as I get more active in the blogosphere is increasing.

On the weird side, one of the most serious parent in the community has told me that we should have one of those popular address plaques plastered in our door. Maybe in our new house, I'll consider. I am not sure whether that is cool or not but it got me thinking that we might as well one of those whitehall mailboxes while at it.

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