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Tuesday 16 December 2008

Filipino Christmas Party in Australia

Last December 6, we attended a Filipino Christmas party. This is where we pitched in an amount so we can take part in the occasion. In the past, I've always been quiet and reserved during events such as these. However, this time, I decided to let my guard down and enjoyed. Gladly, got more than what I ask for.

Also, the star for that day is no other than my youngest son, Jonathan, where he got the chance to show off his magic tricks. Janin is a natural magnet for kids. They just love her. Jasmin brought her reading and drawing gear.

Of course, a Filipino Christmas Party, especially in another country, won't be a considered as one without great Filipino recipes such as kare-kare, kilawin, fish inihaw, pinoy spagetti, lechon, rice, leche flan, among others.

I got the chance to enjoy the wine served at check out Rene's cool camera and Joseph's iPhone. I was also teasing Armstrong, the guy in the just above photo set, that I'll help him find a girlfriend through blogging. This was also the time when Marilyn, Leila, Jhermie, and I agreed to have a blogging tutorial session the week after.

I attended a few more parties after this one and admittedly it seems this year is one of the best Christmas I ever had with the family.

Now back to my Busby SEO Test entry.
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