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Saturday 29 November 2008

Sexy Gift Ideas for the Women We Love

Having 4 siblings, all women, you can say that I grew up mostly seeing things from that perspective. During holiday season, we prioritize taking care of giving gifts to relatives, business contacts, godchildren, nieces, nephews, before each other. I guess because we take care of each other all year long and even without Christmas around, we give and support one another in every possibility we can.

However, once one of you goes abroad, gift-giving takes a different context. If I'm a gift-giver and can afford it, I would like gifts to be a bit sexy and cool for my siblings.

Topping the list are:
  • Perfume
    Yes, perfume is still an outstanding gift to give and receive. With so many fragrances out there, one can get a specific brand or a set where multiple fragrances are included.
  • iPod
    If you can afford it, an ipod will be a great item to give these days. With almost each one of us have our own favorite songs, putting them in an iPod and listening to them when you like it, is just sexy especially if shared with a loved one.
  • Other sexy gift ideas
    • Laptop
      I think giving a powerful gadget like an Asus EEE will be most appreciated as that gadget is so compact and can even fit a nice lady's bag.
    • Aromatherapy kit
      The whole lot to make it really special.
    • Mobile phone
      The Blackberry or something like that should be a knock-out gift as well.
    • Jewelry
      A nice necklace, pendant, earring, bracelet, ring, brooch, among others can do well too.
    • Clothing
      A nice blouse or scarf gets appreciated especially if the item is well chosen and fashionable.
    • Book
      A feel good and easy-to-read book. I prefer the not too serious ones but still useful to read right away.
    • Movie or music collection
      A collection or series makes a nice gift.
    • Bag
      A nice bag can also be a good one to give
I'm sure there'll be more sexy gifts that you can think of that we can give to the women we love in our lives. Feel free to post your suggestions.
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