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Tuesday 11 November 2008

I'm not immigrating to Australia

The challenge about maintaining an Australia-themed blog is that it created an impression to some of my peers in the Philippines that I have migrated to Australia. Here are some facts to correct this misconception.
  1. My partner is an overseas Filipino worker in South Australia that started in early 2007 and will last up to the end of 2010.
  2. Half of my time is spent in the Philippines. I visit Australia to be with family although most of my Internet time is spent on concerns in the Philippines. I haven't really explored opportunities although in my earlier research, I noticed that the location I'm in (Findon / Adelaide / South Australia) is not exactly a hotspot or hub for it.
Admittedly, my partner explored getting a permanent residence status but it got declined. Having a non-immigrating special child in the Philippines is the reason behind it. Being rejected is a major setback in a sense that my kids studying in Australia right now won't be able to enjoy schooling opportunities. They will have to study with an international student status as two of them starts their university or TAFE studies next year.

I'll be back in Australia later this month to spend the Christmas season there while working on my scheduled return to Manila this January or February.

So I hope that clarifies - I'm not immigrating to Australia.
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