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Sunday 16 November 2008

Kangaroo Coffee Company

One of the coffee spots I was able to visit last month that had a special Aussie twist is the Kangaroo Coffee Company. However, this can't be found anywhere in Australia. It is a coffee shop in Davao City, Philippines. (I was there for the DigitalFilipino.com Club and Bloggers Davao Networking event last October 21.)

It has what a typical coffee shop has to offer. However, one item that you will usually find that is uniquely Davao is the Durian-infused ones that I make sure that I'll be able to enjoy. Another interesting item in the menu that I hope to try in my next visit is its (Asian Palm Civet) Civet Coffee variant - Kape Balos.

I am pretty much amazed how a local coffee shop was able to establish a look and feel that is at par with some of the big brand coffee shops out there. What caught my attention in-store as well are the boomerangs. There was also a Kangaroo stuff toy holding a boomerang. I joked my friends that its role is to throw a boomerang in case a customer acts quirky at the counter. LOL!

What is not known to many is that Davao City has one of the strongest policy against smoking in the Philippines. In addition to not smoking inside buildings or establishments, one can't smoke outside if they are in an "enclosed area" like an entertainment village or there is a tent that covers you.

According to my friends in Davao, the name idea for Kangaroo Coffee Company stems from the owners' curiosity on coming up with a name that can be competitive to a Filipino-owned coffee shop - Figaro. Then came Kangaroo. (some may get the similarity while others may utter duh? LOL!)

Nevertheless, I look forward in visiting Davao City in 2009 and get my chance to taste its Durian Mocha Heaven and Kape Balos.
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