Janette Toral sharing her tourist experience in Australia.

Monday 23 March 2009

Jhermie's Newborn Baby - Ethan Matthew

Last March 10, my sister Jhermie had her newborn baby boy - Ethan Matthew. My warmest congratulations to proud parents Dave & Jhermie.

As Jhermie also welcomes any info about luck, this might be of interest (from New Age Perspective):
  • Pisces is his sign.
  • Color - violet (environment - empathy), maroon (wardrobe power color)
  • Star - Al Risha
  • Angel - Barchiel
  • Guardian Angel - Malachi
  • Gem - Turquoise
  • Spiritual stone - Chrysolite
  • Lucky charm - new penny in your shoe
  • Lucky numbers - 10, 20, 28
  • Traits of March 10 celebrants are:
    - Strong convictions, mind, and will.
    - Know exactly what he wants.
    - Learn to be tactful.
    - Capable of doing just about anything.
    - You move mountains for that someone you like.
    - You courage may threaten others and will often be tested.
    - Learn to be patient.
    - You'll likely have two careers at once.
    - Enterprising and original in what you do.
    - Power and self-confidence will not be evident in early years but you'll get that sense later on. Then the world will be yours.
Not known to many, Jhermie also has a twin and who just gave birth as well last February 5. So the year 2009 is great with two newborn babies in the family. Cheers!

Thursday 19 March 2009

More than 4.8 Million Aussies logon to Facebook daily

As a regular Facebook user, I am often curious on how many Aussies are actually active in the site. Checking out AllFacebook on Aussie-based users yields around 4.8 million users logging in daily to the site. Wow that is a lot!

Women dominate the Australia Facebook population with around 2.7 million logging in daily. 1 million of that are in the 18 to 25 age group.

The same age group also dominates in the male segment. One can conclude that those in the 18 to 34 age group are the most active users of the social network.

Facebook growth in Australia is gradually increasing. The site recorded 4.4 million users as of February 4 from 4.2 million last November 27, 2008.

Saturday 7 March 2009

ST5K Street Art Exhibit at Not Coffee

I stopped by Not Coffee today to check out the ST5K Street Art Exhibit. Simon Loffler actively promoted this event via Facebook and certainly enjoyed checking out the art work on display by Store, Cloak & Dagga, Commander Ankle, Snookie, Joshua Smith, Artstar, Benzo, Joel VDK, Nickas, Mr Tomek , Konsumeterra, Matt Stuckey, Dwippy, Dan Withey, Lisa King, Sam Evans, Cloudsparrow, among others.

I was able to have a nice chat as well with Not Coffee co-owner Will Harbison, talked about the place, and his support for the art exhibit.

Congratulations Simon & ST5K!

P.S. I had a blooper at the end of the video. (supposed to mentioned notcoffee.com but said something else.. argghh!)

Not Coffee is located at 187 Rundle St. Adelaide and open daily (08-822-333-59). Check out the rainbow ice cream. I liked it!

Friday 6 March 2009

3 Sides of the Coin - The Gambling Problem in Australia

I was at the Findon Library yesterday and discovered this ongoing exhibit dubbed as "3 Sides of the Coin" which talks about the history of gambling in Australia. It includes information also on the gambling problems of its migrants citizenry.

Sample gambling artifacts were also on display and they were an interesting collection piece indeed.

Commercial gambling in Australia has changed the industry a lot and there are many ways that locals can gamble. During 2003-2004, Australians spent, or lost, AU$16 billion on gambling. In South Australia, folks spent AU$1.062 billion which over 68% was lost in poker machines.

South Australians who have gambling problems can seek help by contacting the Gambling Help Line at 1800-060-757 that provides free counseling or join gamblers / pokers anonymous self-help groups.

You can also refer to Break Even Counselling Services such as:
  • Southern
    UnitingCare Wesley Adelaide (08-8202-5180)
    Christies Beach Office (08-8329-1700)

  • Western
    UnitingCare Wesley Bowden (08-8245-7100)
    The Salvation Army (08-8445-2111)

  • Central & Eastern
    Relationships Australia (08-8223-4566)

  • Northern
    Anglicare (08-8256-2170)

  • Regional
    UnitingCare Wesley Port Pirie (08-8633-8600)
    Relationships Australia (SA) Riverland & Murraylands (08-8582-4122 or 1800 182 325)
    Centacare Whyalla (08-8645-8233)
    Lifeline South East, Mt. Gambier (08-8723-2299)

  • Statewide
    Flinders Therapy Services for Problem Gamblers (08-8204-4779)
    Relationships Australia (SA) - (PEACE) Culturally & Linguistically Diverse Communities Services (08-8245-8100)
    Nunkuwarrin Yunti, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Persons (08-8223-5217)
    Vietnamese Community in Australia (08-8447-8821)
    Overseas Chinese Association (08-8445-1677)

Tuesday 3 March 2009

Brisbane, Sydney, & Adelaide International Airport

Last night, I started traveling from Manila to Adelaide via Qantas Airways. This trip required me to stop over at Brisbane and Sydney International Airport before reaching my final destination.

I've decided to be a bit adventurous in my post and include photo & short video snippets as well.

I actually didn't know that my flight had a Brisbane stop over. But since it was less than 30 minutes, time flew quite fast. The Manila to Brisbane trip allowed me to watch two films on board, Doubt and The Day the Earth Stood Still (hope I got that right).

There was also this anchorage structure that caught my attention and got me inspired to do this blog post.

I was preparing myself for the stress that I might incur while in Sydney. The last trip I had with Qantas via Sydney required to me clear with immigration & customs, then re-check in again for the domestic flight. I got delayed then as a result and had to go via Canberra just to get home.

To my delight, upon arrival, my name was called & got asked to proceed at gate 30 where an Adelaide-Singapore flight is scheduled. Optus also has computer stations in the airport where one can use it for free.

I'm also used to Qantas planes to have central television units but the QF81 flight has individualized video viewing sets.

I always like clearing immigration & customs via Adelaide International airport as the number of travelers is less than chaotic. The staff, as a result, are less than harassed and more cordial.

It is also my first time to see the ePassport system where Australian and New Zealand passport holders have the option to process their immigration entry.