Janette Toral sharing her tourist experience in Australia.

Tuesday 5 July 2011

Malaysia Airlines experience - needs passenger service improvement

I am back in Adelaide for  a quick 10-days break. We took Malaysia Airlines for this trip from Manila and had interesting observation with its flight crew.

I think my experience boils down in dealing with some members of its flight crew that I can't help compare with other airlines tried. When you fly often enough, there are stuff that you take for granted. However, when a less than minimum expectation is met, how you got treated becomes noticeable.

What struck me was when we were putting our bags in the overhead compartment bin, the stewardess was teaching or instructing me to close it. When I wasn't able to do it, she was demonstrating it to me and so I asked my companion to do it as it requires a higher and stronger push. At any rate, she stopped him and did it herself.

That shouldn't be a big deal, however, when you are so used to other airlines, especially in the Philippines, where your steward / stewardess is more than eager to help you with your bag, put it in the compartment and close it for you, that scenario gives you a sense of unfriendliness.

For both flights, Manila to Kuala Lumpur and Kuala Lumpur to Adelaide, coffee was not served for one reason or another. A Malaysian passenger sitting infront of me was also outraged when he found out that there was still red wine. The same stewardess who was instructing me how to close the overhead compartment bin told this passenger that there was no more wine (saying something like they only have 6 bottles). Then he coincidentally asked another stewardess who said there are still more.

Anyway, we took Malaysia Airlines because it was the cheapest. I guess, in the end, you get what you pay for.

For my return flight next week, will be taking Qantas and Jetstar, hope that will be better.