Janette Toral sharing her tourist experience in Australia.

Saturday 31 January 2009

Looking for modern furniture

With us moving house again, there is an opportunity to replace what we currently have with new ones. I noticed that while some are attracted to antique or conservative style of furniture, am more drawn to modern furniture. Perhaps the touch of modernism makes me feel that I live in the present and not trapped in some time warp.

When scouting for designs, the site NYC Concept Furniture caught my attention. The entity positions itself in selling high quality designer modern furniture from Italy, Germany, Spain and Belgium. It also claims "100% authenticity guarantee".

What makes modern furniture interesting as well is that they are geared towards greater simplicity and functionality. Although modern furniture produced in European countries have a touch of history as well such as employing techniques and designs practiced in medieval times that has been passed down through generations of furniture makers.

We're moving out

Well, it seems the house we are living in today finally has a buyer and we were given 60 days to find a new unit where we could transfer. Good thing there are sites online that makes this process easy. Our main goal is to ensure that the place is near Findon High School so that it will be near to my kids school.

I'm in the Philippines at the moment where the temperature is relatively cooler compared to Australia right now. Kids have been complaining about the temperature although this gives a good excuse to go to the beach every weekend.

I look forward being back soon as my sister will be having her baby this March!

Tuesday 20 January 2009

New Year Fireworks Beach House Glenelg

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Last December 31, we went to Glenelg to witness the fireworks and celebrate the entry of 2009. I recall that we almost did not go but I'm glad that we did it. While waiting, we stayed at the Beach House and let the kids play games and walk around the area. It was an enjoyable moment.

Monday 19 January 2009

A house with an attic

I was just told that we now got an indefinite lease term in our present home. Apparently, the owners are still looking for potential buyers so we are not certain on how long will remain to be here.

When scouting for home prospects and looking at the Internet, I noticed that most of the houses here don't have an attic. They are usually one or two floors with high ceiling. We were partly adjusting as we have attic space in our Manila home. I'm not sure if there are entities that does something similar to loft conversions London and create more space to typical rental homes. I think most families could use all the space that they can get.

I have a friend who has a studio-type condominium that have availed of services similar to entities like loft conversions London to create more space. She now has a private bedroom and working area despite the limited size of her studio condo.

There are four ways to go about it. Our attic is a dormer, as illustrated in loft conversions London, that takes advantage of ceiling and roof space, and made a 2 bedroom out of it. You can alo do mansard, hip-to-gable, or a velux. I think it is must nowadays that home builders should consider that this is an option that owners would want to do later on.