Janette Toral sharing her tourist experience in Australia.

Wednesday 28 May 2008

Australia has low record in Wave 3 report

This according to the Universal McCann Report Wave 3 report (March 2008) that tracks social media growth. The following are the snapshots it gave in so far as blogging, social networking, and social media growth in Australia is concern:
  • There are 5.1 million active Internet users

  • 62% or 3.2 million read blogs
    • 55% in 2007 (June)
    • 21% in 2006 (September)

  • 24.6% or 1.3 million subscribed to an RSS feed.

  • 29% or 1.38 million have started their own blogs
    • 17.9% in 2007 (June)
    • 18.3% in 2006 (September)

  • 50.2% or 2.6 million created a profile on a new social network.

  • 47.4% or 2.4 million uploaded photos in a photo sharing website.

  • 28.2% or 1.5 million have uploaded videos on a video sharing website.

  • 77% or 4 million watch video clips online.
    • 57.5% in 2007 (June)
    • 25.2% in 2006 (September)

  • 40.2% or 2.1 million have downloaded a podcast
    • 21.7% in 2007 (June)
    • 14.4% in 2006 (September)
I've done a similar chart for the Philippines and the result surprised me. Right from the start, I always thought Australia will have much higher figures. I can't help but wonder if there's a digital divide, lack of interest to encourage new players, or the restrictions being imposed on Internet use has somehow affected the adoption of social media.

This I say knowing also that there are prominent social networking and blogging professionals / experts in Australia who get to speak in various conferences, here and abroad, promoting its use, adoption, and growth. Suddenly, it just all seems to be hype. Oh well..

Why is it low? Maybe I'll realize the answer soon enough.

Sunday 4 May 2008

Challenges in Creating and Maintaining a Top 100 List

Maintaining a top 100 list imposes the burden of keeping it up-to-date that includes:
  • Blogs to be tallied.
  • Criteria for ranking.
As of today, I maintain Ratified Australia, Top 100 Blogs by Blog Juice, Australia A-List Bloglebrity, and Aussie Blogs in Entrecard.

What's in it for me?
Being new in Australia (moved in August 2007) and a natural marketer, I realized that creating such lists will help me understand the current state of the Aussie blogosphere. It is also an easy way to introduce myself to the community, especially to those who appreciates such an effort. No financial reward has been gained yet from these efforts although my plate is already full serving club members mostly from the Philippines.

The challenge
With so many blogs out there, I face these concerns:
  • Lagging behind in finding new players and those who post comments for inclusion helps a lot.

  • Replying to questions about the ranking parameters. Anyone who gets to be listed or not in a top 100 list has the right to voice concerns.
    • Especially if more and more decision makers are relying on the list.
    • I realize that those who count on their blog or website to properly position themselves, perception (that lists tends to generate) matters a lot.

  • Finding new metrics. I'm excited of coming up with another ranking list especially when I spot a tool that will be perfect for that purpose. I'll be adding a new list when I get back soon to provide another perspective in analyzing the Aussie Webosphere. (Yes, the upcoming list will be bigger and will have one for non-blog sites)
That's all for now. When you have time, I hope you can join the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs 2008 writing project.

Thursday 1 May 2008

Practical online marketing via Facebook

A blogger I recently met in the Adelaide bloggers meet-up asked me a question through Facebook chat. This is on how to market bead jewelry products online. She regularly post her items via Etsy but was hoping for higher volume.

I am also into bead jewelry as a hobby although that didn't click much then back in Manila as it is easier to sell items directly face-to-face which my sister and I end up doing through our friends.

But for Australia, the story may be different especially for those of us who are not in the main city areas. I think if I will make my own bead jewelry today, I will create a website still (whether own or via Etsy) and I will market it through Facebook by creating a page and target the more than 1 million Aussie users via an ad campaign.


Last week, the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs in 2008 writing project was just launched. One major dilemma that I had last year was the lack of international participation. I'm asking for your help and support by joining the writing project.


On another note, I just arrived in Manila last April 25. The 4th Philippine Blogging Summit or iBlog4 went very well. Campaigns are now in full steam for the upcoming Social Networking and eBusiness Conference on May 20 and 21.

My brother-in-law arrived in Adelaide two weeks ago to start his work contract. My sister will be joining him by next week. I'm excited as it is different to have a family member close by that can be contacted and share some time together. At least Christmas will be different this year.

Will be back soon in time for the June 2008 Adelaide Bloggers Meetup.