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Saturday 5 September 2009

High school bullying

Last May, I was in Manila when Jas relayed to me the news that Jan got beaten up by a schoolmate's (AF) gang while she were in a nearby grocery with a friend. They teased her of being a lesbian and Jan snapped back by calling AF a fat ass.

AF started threatening that prompted Jan to report to school authorities. They were talked to by the assistant principal and its seems all is ok after. Then Jan with her friend went to a nearby grocery and as they got outside, AF was with her friends (around 10 to 11 persons and some are adults already). They beat her up (and her friend). Jan passed out and the last she recalled was being kicked repeatedly on the head.

As a parent, I was freaked out upon hearing the news and all I could think of was have her sent home to Manila. My husband then told me that the student was already expelled and a case will be filed by the police. They are expecting a call soon. At least, that is what he was told.

I insisted for Jan to be properly diagnosed as her eyes got really hurt. Glad that there were no permanent damage physically to her although emotionally, it is a different story. Although I'm fortunate to have a daughter who handles herself pretty well.

Around July, Jan told me the news that Afr will be returning back to school and it seems the case that was promised to be filed did not happen after all. We decided to transfer her from Findon High School to another school.

As I just got back for a short visit, this is one concern that I wanted to be clarified on and will be meeting the school authorities soon. I will also want to meet the student and her parents or guardian as this is one matter that I don't think can just be forgotten without anyone being responsible or neither ask for an apology for what they have done.

We'll see...