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Thursday 25 October 2007

Google PageRank Slap - Is this War or Victory?

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Snoskred and Darren gave interesting observations with the slap that Google made lately to various blogs' and websites' PageRank. This hasn't reach my websites yet so I'm partly still in a wait and see mode.

On the plus side, some may say that this development can lead to:
  • Better ranking of sites as those that do not engage in keyword-based advertising may rank better.
  • Provide authentic search results to users as those who place keyword-based ads will have less power in manipulating search engine results.
  • More advertising revenue for Google AdWords
  • More site owners to join Google AdSense as they should minimize selling links to avoid further PageRank penalty.
On the minus side, some may say that this development can lead to:
  • Blog and site marketers need to revise their criteria if Google PageRank influences the rates charged to advertisers.
  • Lose advertisers who have preferences on where their advertisement appear on site's with certain PageRank score.
  • Lose membership in ad networks who eligibility is influenced by a one's PageRank.
  • New sites will have to bear having PageRank 0 for a longer time.
  • Lower ranking in directories if it uses PageRank as a criteria on site popularity and influence.
  • Google get sued for anti-trust or unfair competition as it penalizes sites who engages in link marketing and yet embraces context sensitive advertising based on keywords. Proving that sites who participates in these programs don't get any benefit in its ranking is wanting.
  • Google get sued by consumer advocacy groups by showing sponsored links to influence choices. (as shared by Snoskred, Google already has a case in Australia)
It will be interesting to see if:
  • Google stock prices shall benefit or be harmed by this.
  • Google AdWords revenue shall increase.
  • AdSense payout shall increase.
  • New and competitor search engines will overturn Google.
  • Perception about Google will be towards good or bad guy on the block.
On another note, congratulations to PK for the launch of the The BibliOdyssey Book. This is another interesting from blog-to-book journey.


Snoskred said...

Google is already being sued by the ACCC re their sponsored links at the top of search results. I wouldn't be surprised if they get into trouble re page rank as well - especially leaving it so long between updates, it is anti-competitive.

ACCC Alleges misleading and deceptive conduct by Trading Post and Google