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Saturday 10 November 2007

Winners: Ratified Australia Text-Ad Raffle

Using Random's integer generator, the following three blogs got picked as winners in the Ratified Australia one-month text ad raffle.
Congratulations! To claim your prize, please e-mail me (digitalfilipino at gmail dot com) your anchor or ad text (limited to 50 characters, which is 2 lines in the sidebar). Once received, the ad shall be activated within a few days.

Just to let everyone know as well, you can now place an advertisement in Ratified Australia.


Lavender said...

Wow, I won something! That doesnt happen every day (Why not?!)
Thank you Janette, and your random integer thingy, will email shortly!

Janette Toral said...

@lavender - thanks! I hope you will be ok soon.