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Friday 2 November 2007

Being away

(This post is inspired by my friend's twitter messages where I get all the ideas from. I am trying to fire-up a NaNoWriMo entry by getting prompts from it.)

I just woke up this 2nd of November. Everything is generally ok. I logged on to twitter and saw contacts giving their usual good mornings. Well, there's nothing outstanding on this day yet. I guess they are just used to that routine of telling the world that "Hey! I exist!"

I opened my e-mail and Facebook and check my usual messages. Also look at Warbook, Vampires, and if there's enough strength left, fight back or beat up other heroes. Being able to fight back and succeed against those who attacked you first gives this sense of pride. Silly isn't it? Although I'm very tempted to uninstall these applications. They can't hurt your game character if you don't exist anymore right? Not to mention that they can waste your time as well.

It is great to see people flock social networking sites more than porn. I have a no porn policy at home. Yes, I'm very demanding but also because I have young boys and girls in the family. Also, in Feng Shui, having a women painting or poster is bad luck for couples or partners.

Christmas season is fast coming. This year's Christmas is not going to be that exciting. Moving in to a new country, means being away from family and friends. Of course, thanks to the Internet I can still keep in touch but I miss the texting and meet up days for a great Italiannis lunch and Starbucks coffee.

I wonder what's the fuss for Christmas this year. Of course, there's the election in Australia and never-ending political scandals in the Philippines. Although life is too short to spend my day worrying about it.

Thinking of what Christmas gifts to give can be a pain sometime. I wonder if a Frank Sinatra CD or a music cd with cheesy and mushy love songs will be a click to old relatives and friends. For the kids, perhaps a 5x5 rubic's cube can be an interesting gift. For the girls, I thought of giving them 2008 predictions and some of the bead jewelry that I've made in the past.

Being away gives this kind of pressure and makes you think of the things that you should be thankful for. At least I'm spared from the blogging and IT jungle that I normally feel back in the Philippines. I still believe that in life, there are no permanent friends but permanent interest. Although we could co-exist in a civilized manner but there's still that lingering thought that some might be collaborating to take me down. Unless of course, I take them down first.

I activated my mobile phone roaming although I usually turn it on most of the time to avoid being swamped by calls . Not to mention the bills and the credits taken away from my prepaid mobile phone. I wish that all applications, Gmail, Facebook, Friendster, Yahoo will have text messaging programs that can be used to keep in touch with friends. Or even a site where you can manage your Friendster, MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn, Ecademy and other social networking programs. That should look very interesting.