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Tuesday 6 November 2007

Shopping and earning at the same time

I always try to keep an open mind when it comes to the various affiliate programs online. One program that I checked out lately was aShopFor and created my own store.

When I or a site visitor makes a purchase online, I receive a contribution or commission. I tried this out last month and signed up in one of those direct selling cosmetic companies for my personal purchases. That registration is free but I also earned US$10.00 from it. As I'm preparing for my trip to the Philippines this Saturday, I could maximize this site further by purchasing for my hotel accommodation in Singapore (already felt bad for not using it to buy the airfare ticket) and getting a travel insurance.

Those who creates a shop that were referred by me also results to an ongoing commission for the revenue the affiliates generate. Although I still have to experience this should I be able to attract others to try it themselves.

The only downside that I've seen so far is the time it takes for the shop earnings to appear online. I guess as aShopFor is also a member of various affiliate program sites, it will have to wait for a report credit and then do the same to its members.

But putting that aside, I'm very happy with the concept of this site as it allows me earn from my transactions and could only hope for more shops to appear through it. I conclude that this site can be practical to those who are active in purchasing stuff online and would like to explore the possibility of getting a cash back of sort from their purchases - that they won't otherwise get unless they have a site in aShopFor.