Janette Toral sharing her tourist experience in Australia.

Monday 5 November 2007

Doing seminars in Findon

Early today, I decided to visit three places to inquire about the fees that they charge to use a function room. This includes the Findon Library, Festival Functions, and Findon Community Center. Based from the rates, I figured more or less how much to charge should I decide to proceed in conducting seminars here.

Getting resource persons or experts in e-commerce, Internet marketing, and software process improvement who can be potential collaborators is one path I'm looking at as I don't think I'm confident to do this alone on the 1st attempt.

Another item to think about is the work required to do marketing and promote a particular event. I'm exploring to outsource the marketing part and that would mean scouting for entities who have expertise in doing this and with a good database. If they could function as the collecting entity as well, all the better.

Although registering for an Australian Business Number is an option so I can do this directly, I guess I'm having uncertainty if this is something that can be done on a continuous basis and whether I'll be ok with a TFN for now. In the Philippines, I outsource my events marketing and collection that makes things easy for me.

Another option I'm considering is to create a version of my e-commerce and software process improvement community here where members can attend the seminars for free. But building a reputation takes time. My e-commerce site was already four years old before I got to introduce the club membership part.

Still thinking...