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Monday 23 March 2009

Jhermie's Newborn Baby - Ethan Matthew

Last March 10, my sister Jhermie had her newborn baby boy - Ethan Matthew. My warmest congratulations to proud parents Dave & Jhermie.

As Jhermie also welcomes any info about luck, this might be of interest (from New Age Perspective):
  • Pisces is his sign.
  • Color - violet (environment - empathy), maroon (wardrobe power color)
  • Star - Al Risha
  • Angel - Barchiel
  • Guardian Angel - Malachi
  • Gem - Turquoise
  • Spiritual stone - Chrysolite
  • Lucky charm - new penny in your shoe
  • Lucky numbers - 10, 20, 28
  • Traits of March 10 celebrants are:
    - Strong convictions, mind, and will.
    - Know exactly what he wants.
    - Learn to be tactful.
    - Capable of doing just about anything.
    - You move mountains for that someone you like.
    - You courage may threaten others and will often be tested.
    - Learn to be patient.
    - You'll likely have two careers at once.
    - Enterprising and original in what you do.
    - Power and self-confidence will not be evident in early years but you'll get that sense later on. Then the world will be yours.
Not known to many, Jhermie also has a twin and who just gave birth as well last February 5. So the year 2009 is great with two newborn babies in the family. Cheers!
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