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Sunday 5 April 2009

Reporting a lost bag at Sydney International Airport

Yesterday morning, I left Adelaide to return to Manila. At check-in for the QF750 flight, had a baggage excess and was given a small bag where I could put my books, beads, kits, and hand-carry it.

Upon arrival to Sydney, passengers were more than usual and we are suddenly packed at the International airport transit or waiting lounge where you wait for the bus. It was like 1:25 to 1:30 pm and boarding time for my Manila flight (QF19) was at 1:35.

After passing the long cue at the Immigration, realized that my extra hand-carry bag is no longer with me during the final security check.

Immediately ran to gate 35 to catch my flight and had the initial assumption that I left it at the overhead compartment. I was told then to file a lost bag report upon arrival to Manila.

During the flight, I now began wondering if I got the extra hand-carry bag off the airport and left it at the international airport transit or waiting lounge (where you wait for the bus to take you to the international airport) or at the immigration.

The long cue and the tension got me really worried yesterday. Can't recall exactly where I left it (but I think it was at the lounge while waiting for the transfer bus). Arrgghh!

The big challenge that I had now is that this extra bag did not had any name tag on it. I filled up a lost bag report form at Qantas and the contact us form of the Sydney Airport.

Lessons learned:
  • Take a picture of all bags and contents snapshot before leaving. Do the same for extra bags got at the airport.
  • Each bag must have a name tag.
  • If tense or anxious while waiting for the transfer bus, like worried about missing your flight during transit, don't let go of your hand-carry bags at all.
Keeping my fingers crossed and hope my bag will be found. Will update this post on how this will turn out.
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