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Monday 22 September 2008

Sell books to Australia libraries, ABN for self-publishers, and Public Lending Rights

When I got back after my Manila book launch, my first order of business was to donate a copy of Blogging from Home to the Charles Sturt library. I guess the library made my stay in South Australia enjoyable even if I'm home most of the time. It allowed me to learn new things, improve on my skills, and get inspiration for my blogging activities.

What I was also hoping that may came out of it is getting a potential customer in the process. Last week, I received my first purchase order for the book and came from a library supplier - James Bennett Pty Ltd.

Library suppliers expect bookstore discount although you are allowed to include shipping cost in your billing. Authors and publishers whose work are in public libraries and educational institution libraries can be further compensated through the government's Public Lending Rights program.

So for now, I would like to assume that getting your book in libraries can happen by either donating or deal with suppliers like them.

In addition, found out that self-publishers who don't have an Australia Business Number (ABN) are subject to 48.5% tax. This is on top of the discounts that you are already giving to bookstore outlets, distributors, suppliers, and wholesalers. Although the government tends to make you think seriously before getting an ABN, if you really feel that you'll have frequent orders later on, publish more books, or do more ventures on top of it, perhaps it will all be worth it. This rather than rush to get one at the last minute.
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