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Monday 15 September 2008

Sell books in Australia

Selling books online in Australia can be quite a challenge and I am learning a lot in the process. This includes adjusting my book price since the difference with the US and Australian dollar has returned to what it used to be. This means that from AU$10, I will have to adjust my book price shortly to AU$15-17.

I have checked out several online bookstore site and inquire about how to sell my book, this is what I discovered to date based on information posted and those who replied so far:
  • Seekbooks
    This site is one of the biggest book fulfillment provider today supplying several online bookstore websites. They have the discretion of increasing your book retail price if your discount rate is less than 40%.

    They are the fastest to act as well and find my Blogging from Home book listed in a few hours.
  • Boomerang Books
    To sell in this site, book must also be listed at Nielsen BookData and you will need to have an account with their book fulfillment provider, SeekMedia. While waiting, you can also join their publisher support program and get more publicity.

    Once my SeekMedia account was created and book listed, my Blogging from Home book is now available in the site.

  • Fishpond
    Book must be listed at Nielsen BookData which will take up to 2 weeks for listing after submission. Once listed, 2 weeks later, the book shall be viewable at Fishpond. If you don't have a distributor, join their sell yours program.

  • Australia Online Bookshop
    They help Aussie authors and publishers have a page in their site as soon as you send one copy of your book. Allow them to purchase copies, inclusive of shipping, at no more than 65% of your book price.

  • Gleebooks Bookshops
    You can send a copy of your book for their listing consideration. Allow them to purchase copies, inclusive of shipping, at no more than 60% of your book price.

  • Dymocks
    Dymocks has 72 stores nationwide. The decision to sell a book is at the franchise owner level. Authors and self-publishers who would like to sell their books through this chain must be willing to give a minimum of 45% margin on retail price. Freight cost shouldered by you to each branch and invoicing the same. Inventory on account (30 days). The chain also wants to see an outline of the publicity that has been generated for your book.

    If you are qualified and able to do the above, you can send a sample copy of your book for consideration. Otherwise, another way to do this is work with distributors like Gary Allen and Tower Books. Both players are also concerned on the publicity that you have planned for your book.
Will be updating this post as I get more response. Should you know any self-publisher-friendly online bookstore site and programs in Australia, feel free to post a comment here.
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