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Saturday 21 June 2008

Adelaide Bloggers Meetup June Edition

I attended the Adelaide Bloggers meet-up event last night with so much enthusiasm. Since the first one last April, I believe we got the chance to know each other more through various social media tools.

Vino Ristorante (Unley Road) was a cozy place and enjoyed a nice plate of pasta cozze (black mussels). No one was able to come along with me and thanks to the Adelaide Metro hot line, I received information on buses that I must take to get there from Findon.

The nice thing about the group being small is that we can easily get cozy to each other. It felt like a family as touch base with what everyone has been up to based on their blog post, facebook posted items and updates, twits, plurks, among others.

The folks who attended last night includes:
We agree to meet again after 2 to 3 months. If you want to be kept posted and get to know this small community, join the group in Facebook.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for being there again, Janette. It's great having you there as part of our growing local social web media community. Looking forward to catching up with you again.