Janette Toral sharing her tourist experience in Australia.

Wednesday 27 February 2008

Building a Professional Portfolio

Andrew just made an announcement recently about Ratified having its official blog. I'm one of its contributors where I will be sharing developments in the Aussie blogosphere especially those that get into the Ratified Australia winners list.

So far I've blogged about biggest Google AdSense earnings in a single blog post and the Aussie Bloggers helping each other.

I'm glad that we've finally come around in setting up that blog and hope to post more regularly through it.

On the personal side, when I got home more than a week ago, the kids have resume with their schooling again. I'm very happy that they have adjusted here in Adelaide. Now the family has its eyes on me asking if I'll ever consider working here or do my business since I spend half of my time there, physically and virtually.

For now, here are some things on my mind just to show that I'm exerting effort on this concern:
I guess my challenge is that I'm bent on living my life as a freelancer. Partnering with an institution who offers a variety of training is also one of my option but having the need to start with something to build a portfolio is a priority right now.

I'm still inquiring on how to go about payment acknowledgment here in Australia. In the Philippines, I registered as a professional and have been able to issue official receipt under my name recognizing payments received.

We'll see how it goes.