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Friday 21 August 2009

Working on an E-Commerce Book Series

One of the reasons why I'm very active in teaching lately (and even using webinars now for that matter) is to help me think about my next book project. Conducting trainings allows you to see the reaction of people to your teaching material. Their concerns and questions asked also helps in thinking about the content that must be tackled at the same time.

The book project is version 3 of my E-Commerce book that was last published by McGraw-Hill Education Asia in 2004. Already got my publishing rights back lately and this is just in time as the book just got sold out.

My main challenge in writing it is the explosive growth of e-commerce that makes it quite hard to narrow down all concerns in one book. I already made up my mind of putting all e-commerce related policies in one book. However, all other concerns require further thinking.
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